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11 LGBTQ Beauty Content Creators To Discover

Minori wants to celebrate 2020 Pride by highlighting 11 amazing LGBTQ creators that use their platforms for self-expression through their love for beauty and skincare!

Little Crusty

Trent from @little_crusty loves to keep it real and unfiltered on Instagram, and we absolutely love that about him. He shares incredible recommendations for skincare, and his photos are some we can completely relate to. While many pictures can often be filtered or airbrushed to cover imperfections, he skips over that step to show his perfect imperfections! His content is mega empowering, and we are all for that. He was also one of the very first people to push fellow content creators in the skincare community to take action and speak out against racism. You have to check him out!


Brittnie from @selfcaresmorgasbord is an incredible content creator based in Philly! Not only does she share great things about different skincare products and routines, she is also a champion for self-care and love, community, and authenticity. She spreads love by teaching us how to do better and be better, and we absolutely love that. She also shares great information regarding different skin problems including eczema, a topic not usually discussed very often in the skincare community! Her photos are wonderfully beautiful and fun, and she loves sharing her great personality and spreading the love!


Marjorie Roux from @mardjii. Marjorie is a very good friend of mine and a fellow Montrealer! She is the founder at the Canadian PR collective @matinee.studio and a reputed editorial contributor for several outlets. She is passionate about many things, and explores content on art, beauty, and design. She has an eye for creativity and all things beautiful, and it clearly shows in her pictures that she shares. She does incredible work for her clients. She puts in so much effort, care, and love into her work, and I’m so honored to hopefully soon start working with her once Minori launches in Canada! Be sure to visit her Instagram, you’ll be stunned by her magnificent work!


Have you come across Celeste’s page before? We recently have and we’re absolutely in love with @moisturizedprincess so much! Not only is she super knowledgeable about makeup and skincare, she gives incredible tutorials too. She also keeps it very real on her page and loves to have discussions to educate everyone around her in the community. She is currently fundraising for her facial feminization surgeries to protect her from bullying and antagonization, and we find that extremely brave and inspirational. Make sure you show her some love!


You have not seen real #glowgoals until you’ve seen Ola from @glow_with_ola. Ola’s skin is always so dewy and fresh, and the content they create is super quirky and fun! Ola spreads laughs, joy, and positivity on his page, and encourages people to not only embrace themselves, but to be the truest form of themselves and live fearlessly. We love Ola’s useful product recommendations and the passion and love with which he shares it!


Meet Natalie Gee from @natgeebeauty, an absolute BOSS lady and incredible entrepreneur! Not only is she a lifestyle and beauty blogger, she is also the co-founder of @geebeauty, a multi-generational makeup brand created by her mother and 2 sisters. Her Instagram page is full of beautiful tutorials, skincare routines, and love and positivity. She is a mother of 3 beautiful children and raises them with her wife @rachel_fitness in sunny Miami. Be sure to check their pages out!


When we stumbled upon this post by Ramon from @glowbyramon, we were instantly drawn to his content on Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel dedicated to all things skincare, makeup, and (in his own words) anything Rihanna chooses to put her name on! His content is extremely useful and fun, and he shares tips and tricks on makeup specifically for the BIPOC community. His skin is glowy in all of his pictures, and we can’t help but feel just a teeny bit jealous; we want that glow!


Looking for super fun and colorful makeup looks? We’re talking bright colors, glitter, and complete face routines. Make your way over to Maria’s page, @maryandpalettes and satisfy all your cravings! Maria’s creativity is unbelievably beautiful. She is so full of talent and quirkiness, and we love all the photos she posts of her looks. Unicorn eyeshadow? She’s got that covered. Ombre eyebrows? Check. Tiger Queen look? She’s mastered it! Her creativity has no limits, and that’s gotten her to the point of winning the #aiaaward for Emerging Creative Artist! Congratulations!


Want to check out real and beautiful #aestheticgoals? Then head over to Isaiah’s page on @isaiah.c right away! Isaiah is a skincare, beauty, and fashion lover, as well as a perfume and scents enthusiast. His pictures are always so stunning, and he does share recommendations that are often from clean beauty and skincare brands, which is what we’re all about here at Minori!


Kristian from @twentysomeskin is fun, knowledgeable, and extremely talented! He is a skincare and candle enthusiast, and he does impressive PR work for ROSEN Skincare! If you were to take a quick scroll of his Instagram profile, you would be amazed by all the beautiful aesthetics, gorgeous color and lighting, and his fun, quirky designs! He loves to spread positive vibes and self-love encouragements, and we appreciate what that does and know that many people in the community need to see and hear words like his. Make sure you check out his profile right away to feast your eyes on some incredible content!



Andrew from @boydoesbeauty is a UK based lifestyle blogger and content creator. He started his Instagram page a little over a year ago, and was able to grow it at such an impressive rate and made something incredible out of it. He is an avid skincare lover, lifestyle and wellbeing blogger, and mental wellness warrior. He gives real and unfiltered recommendations and reviews, and keeps it honest on his page all for the benefit of his followers and community. His page is absolutely gorgeous with stunning photos of products, ambiances, and selfies! Be sure to show him plenty of support

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