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Ana Luisa Jewelry Review 2019| Minimalist Everyday Go-To

You’ve probably noticed by now that my love for all things minimalist extends to jewelry. My go-to is something that I can put on and basically forget about (aka sleep in, shower in and not take off for weeks at a time). This approach to jewelry works for me because I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning, and if I had to think about what earrings to wear every day, I’d probably walk out the door wearing nothing.

I wrote a blog post recently on my favorite minimalist jewelry brands, most of which I had already tried and worn for a while. One of the brands, Ana Luisa was on my wish-list but I had not yet had the chance to give them a try. They kindly sent me a few products, so I thought I’d share my Ana Luisa jewelry review with you. As always, all opinions are my own. Please follow me on IG @myminori for some additional inspiration!

Ana Luisa – About the brand

Ana Luisa is a Jewelry brand based in Brooklyn. It was founded by two French entrepreneurs Adam Bohbot and David Benayoun. The brand focuses on designing exceptional jewelry out of high quality materials, such as 14k gold and sterling silver. Like other DTC (Direct to Consumer) jewelry brands, they sell their products at much lower prices than a traditional brick and mortar store would by bypassing the traditional broker, wholesale, retail markups.

They use recycled materials for most of their products and do in-house design for every piece. A fun angle of the brand is that Ana Luisa also does partnerships with influencers and designs custom pieces with them. Here is an example of their latest collaboration with the Youtuber Kelly Youjin Kim on the Angel Wing Gold Necklace.

Unboxing Ana Luisa

Flatlay photo of two pairs of 14k gold earrings and a flower coin gold necklace from ana luisa.

The three pieces I got each came in a little velvet pouch that you can keep re-using, and all three were in a super cute drawer type box. I love great re-usable packaging, and this did not miss the mark.

Mini Solid Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings ($90)

Photo of Minori founder wearing mini sized Solid Gold Twisted Hoop earrings

I wanted a pair of super dainty hoops and these are perfect! They are called “mini” and that is a pretty good description of them. I was scared at first that the hoop was so small that my ear lobe might not fit in, but it did. The “twisted” design on the hoops is very delicate and not too noticeable from a distance. The closing is very secure and simple. It’s a small barre that locks into the hoop. I wore these earrings for two weeks straight, showered with them, worked out in them and have not experienced them falling off.  Be careful if you are wearing a big fall scarf around your neck, as the small barre can pull the thread on the fabric.

These earrings are great to pair with a small stud if you have a second piercing.

Medium Hoops Earrings ($85)

These 14k solid gold hoops are exceptionally dainty, so much so that I had to be pretty gentle taking them out of the small cardboard holder. I was afraid that I would bend the shape if I was not careful.  Luckily nothing happened to them!  I am not a regular hoop wearer, so it took me a minute to figure out how to put them on and close them. The hoop has a small thin barre that you put into your piercing, and then insert it into the “tube” part of the hoop on the other side. I was surprised that this closing mechanism worked perfectly and as with the mini hoops, they never came off even during showers, bike rides and pulling on and off sweaters.

I did take these earrings on and off a few times, and even slept in them for about a week. The shape of the hoop has not changed. Only the barre that goes into my ear got slightly bent.  I have to say that I am super impressed that this super dainty hoop perfectly survived my not very delicate handling of them.   They are small enough that they are super comfortable (even to sleep in) and lightweight to wear for days on end.  I found that the Ana Luisa medium hoops made my entire outfit look polished and complete with minimal effort.

I now really want to buy their large hoops for when I want to jazz things up a bit!

Gold Flower Coin Necklace ($49)

Photo of Minori founder wearing Ana Luisa's Gold Flower Coin Necklace
Paired with Catbird’s Sweet Nothing Choker and Gold Lauriat Neckclace

I’ve been wanting a classic coin necklace for a while and am super happy with the Gold Flower Coin one from Ana Luisa. The chain is thin and of a medium length. It will pair nicely with a gold choker and a longer chain. It is made out of brass and plated with 14K gold.  The coin pendant itself is absolutely gorgeous. This particular design looks a bit like a sun or a sunflower. The center of the sun has a hammering detail. The circumference of the coin also has a very nice dainty granular indentation. The coin itself is thin and lightweight.

I find that the design is perfect for everyday wear. It’s not heavy, and you don’t really feel it around your neck. Because the chain is long enough, you don’t get a choking sensation like you would with a choker. This piece is now  part of my permanent gold necklace trio. I have showered with this necklace for about two weeks and there is zero sign of tarnish, so their “tarnish free” claim is holing true!

Final Thoughts on Ana Luisa Jewelry

The brand does an excellent job with the design of their jewelry. It meets my criteria of being very high quality, dainty and perfect for everyday wear! The solid 14k gold will hold up very nicely over time. The pricing is super affordable given the high value of the products. I am also very happy to know that all these pieces have been made from recycled gold instead of exploiting additional natural resources from the planet.

I hope this Ana Luisa Jewelry review has been helpful for you. You should follow them on their IG at @Analuisany

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