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Best Clean Beauty Bloggers of 2019

Clean beauty can seem intimidating when you first get started. After all, it’s difficult to break bad habits and especially tricky when you don’t know how to find healthier alternatives to your beauty, skincare, and body care products.

When I need inspiration, I always look for clean beauty bloggers who can provide detailed reviews and tips for healthier, more sustainable living.

I hope you find joy in following these 11 bloggers as well!


Kackie is a clean beauty influencer based in Austin, TX. She posted her first video on Youtube 5 years ago and recently decided to turn her hobby into a serious career! Kackie’s energy is certainly contagious! Her Youtube videos are a blast to watch, and that fun, energetic personality shines through on her IG feed as well.

Kackie just did a collaboration with Thrive Causemetics on a lip liner shade that they developed for her specifically. She has been talking about the lack of a perfect taupe brown lip liner on the market for quite some time now. Thrive decided to partner with her to bring this product to life.

Clean Brands Kackie uses a lot: Kjaer Weis, Thrive Causemetics, Cover FX, RMS Beauty, Honest Beauty  


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#normalizeskintexture Wall of text coming at ya: For someone who had to live with acne for over a decade (having a baby made it extraordinarily better. Thanks hormones.) I cherish the fact that people now crave and appreciate „real“ and unedited skin on social media more than ever. I have scars. I have a lot of texture. I still get a lot of „testosterone acne“ (the one along your contour line😬). But I am at peace with how my skin is now. Years back, my skin was the reason I said no to so many opportunities. It really fucked me up for a long time. Please, oh please, if #acne makes you feel depressed, seek help. I never did, and it was the hardest thing to work on this issue alone. I tried to overcome it by blatantly putting my naked skin on the internet, as some of you might remember. That‘s one coping mechanism.😅 Not one to reach for if you aren‘t thick-skinned. But I connected with so many of you who fought the same fight, and this was so empowering. To this day, making videos with my bare, red, bumpy, inflamed skin, was the best decision I made. Thanks to all of you who watched and commented. You cannot imagine how much that meant to me. Mic drop. . If you want to know what‘s on my eyes, it is the new 10 second eyeshadow by @kosas in „waterfall“ and @hirocosmetics „midi“ in the crease.♥️ . This post was inspired by @katiejanehughes latest picture about #normalizeskintexture . Ad, cause I tagged brands

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Zophie is a Berlin-based Makeup Artist that has made the switch to clean beauty about two years ago. She says it’s like discovering her passion for makeup all over again. 

Instead of product flatlays, she posts mainly pictures of her beauty looks with a quick description which products she used. Zophie does both glowy no makeup looks as well as fun pops of color like this baby blue eyeliner look.

She is very open with her community about her struggles with acne and her path to overcoming insecurities and showing her real unedited skin in her photos. As someone with acne scars, I really appreciate seeing other women show their true-self on camera and remind us that we don’t all look perfect and retouched in real life!

Clean brands Zophie uses a lot: Kosas Cosmetics, Nui Cosmetics, Ilia Beauty, Ere Perez, Hynt Beauty, Kjaer Weis


Seattle-based Lindsay brings the “Glam” to clean beauty! Her looks are gorgeous and sexy! The elegance emanating when she does her bronze goddess eye shadow and wings out her eyeliner is exquisite. Lindsay’s makeup style is definitely more on the Glam side and someone I would go for inspiration when I want to do a full makeup look .

Dirt.Natural’s IG feed is a great mix of Lindsay’s beauty looks with super short captions, as well as very luxe looking product flatlays and shelfies.

Clean brands Linday uses a lot: Kosas Cosmetics, Juice Beauty, Ilia, Clove and Hallow


Veronika is a clean beauty blogger based in Munich, Germany. Scrolling through her instagram will make you feel like you just walked through a high fashion photography exhibition. Her aesthetic style very unique. I would describe it as sultry, moody and modern. I cannot even imagine the amount of work it takes her to set each one of her photos, as they truly are pieces of art. (ok… yes I have a crush on her style and would love to have her take photos of Minori products one day!)

Clean beauty brands Veronika uses a lot: Heinrich Barth., Stop The Water, Marie-Stella-Maris


I love watching Caroline’s videos when I need a pick-me-up, simply because she radiates positive energy. The California-based Youtuber started her channel after a traumatic car crash that left her health in ruins, so she’s especially conscious about what she puts in her body and on her skin.

She’s incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to clean beauty and makeup, and her positive attitude towards overcoming trauma using clean products and healthy habits is awe-inspiring!

Clean beauty brands Caroline uses a lot: Nécessaire, Kjaer Weis, Vapour Beauty, Rahua®, Suntegrity


Amanda has been sharing clean beauty tips and tricks since 2015, even before it was cool! As a makeup fanatic, she was frightened to learn about the chemicals and toxins that she was putting on her face every day. That’s why she was motivated to make the switch to clean beauty brands and products.

I love Amanda’s glamorous makeup looks, proving that organic & natural beauty doesn’t mean you won’t find products to fit your style. Her recommendations always surprise and delight me, from organic nail polish, deodorant to even birth control – everything can be switched to a healthier option!


Nina’s shares very personal thoughts regarding challenges she faces from suffering from anxiety and how she tries to overcome it through meditation and mindfulness. Clean beauty is part of her overall wellness practice. I find her content so inspiring and encouraging.

Besides her Instagram account, she also runs a Facebook group to help women connect and share beauty tips.

Clean beauty brands Nina uses a lot: Vapour Beauty, ILIA, SanRe Organic Skinfood


Canadian-born, Norway-based health & beauty influencer Kate Murphy is a fantastic source when it comes to clean beauty, healthy lifestyle, yoga, and everything to help you become a happier, healthier version of yourself. I love that she always shares incredible, thoughtful tips and informative reviews – which can help anyone who is just getting started in the clean, natural living lifestyle. Kate’s also been all over the world, and I love her amazing travel photos!

Clean beauty brands Kate uses a lot: Vapour Beauty, Bach®, DERMA•E, doTERRA


Gabrielle is a clean beauty blogger based in Toronto. I love the modern, minimalist aesthetics of her Instagram account, and she also has a YouTube Channel, a blog, and a podcast dedicated to clean beauty. Not only does she share her own tips and reviews, but she also interviews entrepreneurs and experts to talk about healthy habits, clean beauty brands, and female entrepreneurship. It’s an incredible amount of work (trust me, I know!), and it shows that she’s dedicated to spreading the clean beauty message!

Clean beauty brands Gabrielle she uses a lot: Goop, AGENT NATEUR, Osea, ILIA


Australia-based organic beauty blogger Kelsey Price writes a blog to review organic beauty products. From first glance, I can tell that she’s deeply passionate about this topic because every post is incredibly detailed and informative. Her passion for organic, clean beauty came from her health concerns, which is why her content is designed to help others practice clean and healthy living. I love reading her blog to find my next clean beauty favorites!

Clean beauty brands Kelsey uses a lot: Nat’s Organic Lab, Rahua, Edible Beauty, Kjaer Weis, LEAHLANI SKINCARE

Clean beauty brands Amanda uses a lot: Atlantis Skincare, Corpus Naturals, Absorb Skincare, Cleo & Coco


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Hey loves ❤️ . . Happy Wednesday! Let’s talk about the eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, they see everything…I messing with you. If there is one area on the face you most definitely need to maintain are your eyes. From your early to mid-twenties is when you really should start using eye cream. Collagen (which helps to maintain skin’s elasticity) starts to deplete around that age. Preventative is better than corrective . Here are 5 BENEFITS: . 1. It helps to hydrate the skin adding and preventing water loss plumping the skin. Hyaluronic Acid ingredients helps to boost collagen and prevent water loss in the skin . 2. It provide moisture to the skin delaying and minimizing the look fine lines and wrinkles. Ingredients with peptides, retinol (natural alternatives like rosehip seed and primrose oil) and Vit C are ingredients to look for . 3. They help to brighten the skin from overtime decrease in blood flow and lifestyle factors that make cause dark circles. Vit C, kojic acid formulated products are great for this . 4. They help to firm and tighten the skin improving the skin’s elasticity. Hyaluronic Acid and Vit C are some key ingredients that helps with this . 5. They provide antioxidant benefits which help to fight against and prevent free radical damage overtime that may increase the aging process. The same ingredient mentioned above are what to look for in your eye creams. Green Tea is another one great ingredient to look for . P.S. remember when applying eye cream use your ring finger and start from the outer corner of the eye bone inwards. Also apply to under the brown bone. We loose collagen there faster than you can blink . What type of eye creams are you using?

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A Marketing professional by trade, Keneisha McLean writes a blog to about clean beauty and lifestyle. When it comes to clean beauty, Keneisha always share practical advice you can use immediately, and I think she’s the perfect “gateway” blogger to help you get started in the world of clean beauty.

Her skin looks amazing in all of her Instagram photos and she always goes for a natural, no-foundation look – I love seeing her skincare and beauty advice to achieve this look!

Clean beauty brands Keneisha uses a lot: LUXE Botanics, GRAYDON, BIOSSANCE, HENNÉ Organics

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