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Buy Local in Montreal: A Minimalist’s Gift Guide

Minori’s mission is to inspire the practice of mindful consumption. Buying local is an excellent way to support the work of talented entrepreneurs who put great thought and care into their products and services.

In this vein, I have put together this curated list of gift ideas from Montreal-based artists and independent shops that are genuine local gems worth looking into!

Montreal-based sisters, Makeup Artist, and Hair Stylist duo Alana and Madie Alper call themselves the Alper sisters. They always work together on photoshoot sets. I was fortunate enough to see them in action last Fall during the Minori photoshoot when they were in charge of the hair and makeup for our models.

Madie and Alana took their passion for beauty, skincare, and self-care to the next level by launching their own unisex brand Alper Oils. They handmake make everything in small batches in Montreal. The products are 100% natural and free from additives and toxins.

Pauze Atelier Jewelry

Pauze Atelier is the work of Montreal-based Émilie Pauze who designs timeless and elegant minimalist jewelry pieces.

I discovered Pauze Atelier while shopping at one of my favorite Montreal boutiques Station Service on the Plateau (Rue Rachel). The classic minimalist aesthetic immediately appealed to me, and I ended buying a pair of earrings which have been my go-to’s for the past month. What’s more, the build quality is great, especially given the relatively affordable price points.

Overall, a perfect gift idea for those shopping locally in Montreal!

Miljours Leather Coasters

Miljours is a sustainable leather goods brand founded by Montreal-based designer Marie-Anne Miljours.

A proponent of slow fashion, Marie-Anne focuses on creating quality over quantity, putting in time and thoughtfulness into her designs. Miljours designs for everyday life, which is why the minimalist in me is so drawn to her creations!

Her bags are genuinely stunning and worth investing in. I also admire her creativity in making small leather goods out of leather scraps, such as with these leather coasters or leather earrings.

Minori Line Art Tote Bag

Did you know that Minori is also partly based in Montreal?

I grew up in Montreal, and although I started working on launching the Minori brand while living in New York City and most recently in San Francisco, Montreal has been the creative hub for our brand.

We’ve been working with a Montreal-based design agency, photographer, and now even making our merch in Montreal. This beautiful and minimalist Minori Line Art Tote bag is our first creation. We hope you love it!

La Montréalaise Atelier

Montréalaise Atelier launched by accident when trying to create a simple sweatshirt that said “Montréalaise”. For my non-francophone readers, this simply means “woman from Montreal”.

Today Montréalaise Atelier collaborates with various Montreal-based local artists to make screen printed merch with a playful and feminist twist. I am personally very into this Midi Boobie Tunic!

All Of Me Lana Denina Print

Few things are more local than art. When buying prints or art that appeals to me, I love to peruse local shops for great finds.

Lana Denina Cohen-Solal is one such gem. She is a Montreal-based artist of Beninese and French origin. Her art explores “human relationships, morphological diversity and body movements”. Combining digital art and painting, Lana strives to illustrate the different cultures that surround her by taking a unique and personal approach.

Find this print on Lana’s website or at local trendsetting boutique Editorial.

The Scribble Travel Cups by Pas Mon Style

Another favorite find from our beloved independant store Station Service is the Pas Mon Style Travel Cup, handcrafted by Montreal-based ceramics artist Christina Julien (She also makes beautiful and eye-catching face masks!).

If you want to buy from local Montreal-based designers and artists, I highly recommend you stop by Station Service to see the collection of local finds carefully curated by their buyer Caroline Sobral Cabana.

Le Bagel Crewneck

Le Bagel Crewneck is part of Citizen’s Vintage Montreal Foodie Collection done in partnership with illustrator Laure-Anne Carré. Among the collection, you will find other epic Montréal food lover’s clichés such as Poutine and Smoked Meat beautifully illustrated and printed on these sweatshirts. Citizen Vintage is a local thrift store that provides a sustainable alternative to fast fashion by recycling and up-cycling vintage pieces.

Naïf Montreal

I discovered the Naïf boutique on this most recent trip to Montreal. I walked into their Mont-Royal street boutique and instantly loved the store’s aesthetic.

Naïf makes high-quality, minimalist and modern fashion at an affordable price. I bought this white wool coat, and although it won’t be useful for much longer in Montreal give the rapidly approaching winter, I am excited to wear it next Spring when I am back in San Francisco!


I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering these Montreal-based brands, designers and makers.

We curated The Minori gift guides to help you find products that will be cherished by you or by the people you will gift these items to.

As always, Minori’s goal is to encourage mindful consumption and not impulsive buying. Our tip to you is to always read about the origins of the product that you are buying. The simple act of reading the story of a designer will help you understand the intentionality that went into their creations. It will help you cherish that item that much more and allow you to appreciate it to the fullest extent.

Happy mindful shopping!

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