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Catbird Jewelry Review 2019| A Minimalist Jewelry Staple

Catbird is a local jewelry shop based in Brooklyn. They are known for their dainty, barely there minimalist jewelry and might be responsible for starting the stacked rings trend.

I walked into their store in Williamsburg for the first time last December and ended up buying a few pieces as Christmas gifts. I remember noticing that their prices were much higher than some direct to consumer brands like Mejuri. The quality, on the other hand, was visibly superior. Their chains were much softer and finer than I have ever felt from any other brand. I ended up buying their sweet nothing silver choker for myself and wore it for 6 months straight, including on my wedding day! It is so fine that you can barely see it from a distance. I love how it glimmers when it catches light.

For Christmas, I asked my husband to buy me the 14k yellow gold version of the sweet nothing the choker, as well as the Greco Lariat Necklace. The gold sweet nothing has become my new staple, and I combine it with the Greco Lariat when I am going out and am wearing an open neckline top. The Greco Lariat necklace is possibly the sexiest minimalist piece of jewelry out there!

What I love

Catbird’s quality is by far the best. The clasps are strong and I have not had any issues with their pieces falling off me. Because the chain is so thin, you can easily sleep and exercise in it without any discomfort. You basically won’t take it off because you will forget it’s there. It is worth noting that both the silver and gold pieces did not change in color or tarnish in any way.

Things to consider

For some reason the clasp on the sweet nothing choker keeps ending up in the front of my neck. I’m not one to notice…but my friends are constantly remarking on that. This probably happens because it’s the heaviest part of the chain – gravity and motion will eventually rotate the clasp to the front of your neck. Given that I am not taking the gold one off, I’m actually thinking of going in to get it welded closed and removing the clasp all together!

Another thing it took me some getting used to, is that their earrings are sold and priced as singles. For some reason thinking of $150 for a single earring makes me cringe more than $300 for a set.

Close up of woman's neck and shoulders showcasing a dainty necklace, bracelet, and ring.

Perfect for

Catbird jewelry is perfect for the girl who values quality, workmanship and minimalist design. You might spend a little more than with some other brands, but you will feel like you are holding on to a small luxurious and timeless piece. Catbird is also perfect if you love to layer your necklaces or rings. Because all their pieces are equally dainty, you can layer a few together and still have that light, minimalist look. I also want to call out that Catbird does gorgeous engagement rings that look very bohemian and unique!

What I am buying next from Catbird

Close up of woman's profile wearing a thread earring

After having lost all my Mejuri earrings due to their pretty weak earring backs, I would like to invest in a pair of long stitch earrings, and start wearing a simple diamond stud in my second piercing.

I think jewelry from Catbird makes for a very special birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift, or a treat to yourself. Because their designs are so clean and minimalist, it’s the type of earring, ring or necklace you will find yourself wearing day after day.

Would love to hear your thoughts about Catbird in the comments section!

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