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How Minimalism Can Lead To Maximalism

Let me ask you, what do you think of when you hear the word ‘minimalism’?

Someone that owns 50 things, who doesn’t own or watch TV, that hasn’t bought anything new since 2012 and lives in the middle of nowhere? It is the common stereotype people think of. I once did, and often cited the seeming ‘restrictions’ above, that I could never be a minimalist.When I first heard of minimalism, I associated it entirely to mean the reduction in what we own, to minimalise. But then as I got more into sustainability and learnt how to live in a more holistic way, I feel as though I unintentionally shifted towards a more minimalist lifestyle.

Best Jewelry Brands to gift to a Minimalist | 2019

My favorite type of jewelry is the kind that I get the most wear out of. It’s 14K gold, comfortable and minimalist jewelry. There is something amazing about being able to wear the same ring or gold chain for a month straight without getting tired of it! Time has shown that for a piece to become a staple for me, it most likely needs to be very dainty and be made of a material that will not tarnish.

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