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Freda Salvador Made the Perfect Pair of Boots

Discovering the Freda Salvador Brand for the first time

I discovered Freda Salvador when I moved to San Francisco this fall. I had just come off an 8 months long shopping ban and was contemplating buying a pair of boots to climb the SF hills in!

I initially spotted a small Freda Salvador collection at Bloomingdale. I immediately noticed that the shoes were beautiful, but quickly decided against it after seeing their price. There is something very uninspiring to me about spending a small fortune on a pair of shoes in a department store. Without the brand story to paint the full picture, it makes it hard for me to appreciate the item in its entirety.

Serendipity would have it that the following week, while on a touristy stroll down SF’s Fillmore Street with my husband and a friend, I walked by the Freda Salvador storefront. I immediately recognized the brand and was curious to enter the store. My first impression was noticing how beautifully the window display was merchandised. Having worked in retail for many years, I have a huge appreciation for thoughtful and eye-catching displays. Freda’s was absolute perfection. It’s the kind of storefront that makes you stop in your tracks and back up to look at it a bit longer! The minimalist design showcases each pair of shoes like a small piece of art.

I asked the boys to keep walking down Fillmore while I pop into the store for a few minutes to browse.

The store sales associate warmly welcomed me and explained that Freda Salvador is a local brand, founded by two women. One of the co-founder designs all the shoes in their Sausalito studio, and everything is handmade in Spain by their own factories. The combination of local female founders and Spanish craftsmanship truly resonated with me.

Photo of the Freda Salvador Store on Fillmore Street

Describing the Freda Salvador Style in 3 words: Bold, Edgy, Feminine.

On their website they describe their customer as:


I couldn’t agree more with how they envision their customer. It’s the kind of boot or shoe I would imagine seeing on a chic, feminine yet slightly unconventional woman. I read on their Freda’s website that they often inspire themselves from classic men’s shoes, and redesign them to be more feminine. That explains the slight tomboy edginess I really like about them.

Photo of my Freda Salvador Ralf Boot
The Ralf Lace Up Boot retails for $525 USD

Searching for the perfect Combat Boot

The shoes that caught my eye right away was the RALF Lace Up Boot. I’ve personally always wanted a combat boot but can’t imagine myself in a pair of Dr. Martens. I would need to be at least a foot taller for them to not look completely disproportionate on my 5″4 frame.

The Ralf boot has a very slim narrow frame and is accessorized by silver hardware that gives it a very European feel. I love the high lace up style, which makes my ankle feel very secure. They are made of medium soft leather, which I could tell would soften and take the shape of my foot rather quickly.

I fell in love with this pair almost instantly. I could imagine wearing these with almost everything I own (which is a lot of black leather and denim) and being a style that would withstand time. It’s a great feeling when your heart and brain agree on a purchase!

It has now been almost 5 months, and I wear the Ralf boot at least 4 times a week. I wear them both dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans, or dressed up with my Aritzia leather leggings. They also look amazing with black tights and a mini dress. I wanted to show you a close-up of how they look after a few months of serious wear. They acquired all the expected folds a soft leather boot would get. This does not bother me, as there is no way around it with real leather. They do look a bit stained right now from me being caught in the rain on occasion. I’ve also worn them to a few bars, during which I suspect they accumulated a bit of grime on them. A quality leather shoe should technically be quite easy to clean by a shoemaker. 

Photo of my outfit wearing the Freda Salvador Lace Up Ralf Boot

Freda Salvador – I will buy you again!

In conclusion, I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and think these boots were worth every penny I paid for them. I plan on wearing and maintaining this shoe for many years to come. I highly recommend to check out this brand if the look resonates with you and if, like me, you are into buying quality, long lasting pieces and being a mindful consumer! If you liked this post, you might like my post on my favorite Capsule Wardobe bloggers!


  1. We appreciate everything about this! Love your purchase process and we are so happy you took the time to learn who is behind the brand 🙂

    Thank you for writing this and for the support. Means a lot! The RALF boot will last you years to come. As you mentioned a cobbler can keep them looking like new, especially the leather sole!

    All the best,
    Megan and Cristina (Co Founders and Designers)

    1. Megan thank you so much for your note! It means a lot to me. I am also a female founder (of a soon to launch makeup brand) and I love seeing the journey of creative women who build beautiful and meaningful brands. I am so glad I discovered Freda Salvador and will be a loyal customer and promoter for years to come! Look forward to meeting you and Cristina in person one day!

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