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Living Logom: A balanced approach to life

In today’s climate there are various ways of living that implement different methods into the everyday. From Hygge to Minimalism and even hoarding, a term has been donated to all forms. But have you heard of living Lagom? 

The Scandi concept, pronounced “lah-gum” translates to “just the right amount,” or “not too little, not too much but just enough” in Swedish. In other words, you’re happy with your lot and aren’t tempted to binge on online shopping during your lunch break… yes, we’re talking to you! 

Living Lagom will help with gaining balance in your life, from your desired amount of furniture to the right amount of milk in your tea, it’s all about reaching your ‘just perfect’ state. 

For those ready to banish the bigger is better mentality, here are some simple ways to start living your best Lagom… 

Freshcut flowers in vase next to bed with white sheets

Quality Over Quantity 

Lagom is about really appreciating what you’ve got. It’s about thinking “do I really need that extra sandalwood myrrh candle, or can I live without?” It’s so tempting when lunch break leads you to your local mall but a Lagom life means appreciating your current lot, from furniture to food it’s all about quality over quantity.

Lagom written on a white card next to desert plate

Grow Your Own

Lagom is very much a sustainable way of living and promotes the idea of keeping a beady eye on the amount of non-sustainable resources that you use in your everyday life. Growing your own salad leaves and herbs for example lend perfectly to the living Lagom lifestyle; think how much you’re spending on buying produce that you can grow at home, the bonuses being a cleaner carbon footprint and less of a hole burnt in your pocket!


One of the best ways to practice living Lagom is to upcycle. Don’t throw away an item if it has some use, but instead maximise its usage. Take a wobbly chair for example; a Lagom lifestyle would see you mending the leg, adding a bit of (non-toxic) paint and that’s some upcycling for you right there!

Showers Over Baths

Eek – sorry to the bathers amongst you but Lagom means showering triumphs bathing. This comes down to the average bath using 35-50 gallons of water as opposed to a 10-minute shower which uses around 25.

Wash Clothes Less Often

It’s so tempting to bung the clothes in the wash when the laundry basket is topped up, but Lagom encourages washing less and re-wearing your paint-splattered DIY clothes, for example, instead of washing them each time. Additionally, lower temperature washes are triumphed in Lagom, going from 40 to 20 degrees.

Stop Junk Mail

No-one likes junk mail, and it’s a real bother to receive especially when you’re waiting for that all important letter. So, why not rid yourself of junk mail and opt-out – yes it’s something you can do! You can also change to paperless billing instead which is encouraged in Lagom.

There are many more ways you can live a Lagon lifestyle and the above are but a few. If you’d like to indulge in a Lagom lifestyle then Anna Brones book Live Lagom: Balanced Living the Swedish Way is a great place start. Anna says: “applying a sense of lagom to our everyday lives – in what we eat, what we wear, how we live, how we work – might just be the trick for embracing a more balanced lifestyle.”

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