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Minimalist Gift Finds from Etsy for All Price Points | 2019

Gift-giving can be daunting for minimalists, especially when we actively steer away from consumerism and unethical manufacturing during the holiday season.

This is why I think Etsy is a fantastic place to find minimalist gift ideas. Not only are you supporting independent creators and artists but you are also giving amazing quality gifts that add value to people’s lives.

If you’re unsure about what to get for your loved ones, below is an Etsy minimalist gift guide to help you find the perfect gift this holiday season.

Minimalist home décor

Two minimalist and abstract art prints in light gray colors

This set of abstract paintings by YellowRedandBlue ($178)

Minimalist spaces can sometimes feel a bit basic, which does not spark joy to me. I find that adding pieces of art can significantly transform a room, from a blank canvas to a chic cozy home.

This set of abstract paintings makes a perfect holiday present because they can complement any blank wall. I love that the vertical pattern draws your eyes upwards to create the impression of a higher ceiling and bigger space, while the black-and-white patterns instantly add character to any minimalist’s home.

Photo of succulet planters from ETSY

This set of three succulent planters by Minimum Design ($35.64)

These geometric succulent planters add an adorable touch to the home, bringing a stylish, modern yet calming vibe to a room. The patterns were 3D-printed into the woods to make these planters, creating incredibly precise and intricate details.

I am also amazed that they are made entirely with green materials – a blend of recycled wood and corn-based bioplastic. Not only are you gifting a friend, but you are also doing the environment a favor! 

Line Drawing Pillows

This one-line drawing pillow cover by LinenSpace ($43.41+)

These hand-painted pillow covers are perfect his & hers presents for couples. Since they are hand-printed, your gift is genuinely original because no two pillowcases are the same. The linen fabric canvas adds a rustic, bohemian touch to the drawings, which can brighten up any minimalist spaces. 

Concrete and Glass Vase from ETSY with a minimalist design

This glass and concrete vase by YardenBeton ($60)

I was awe-struck when I found this gem. The juxtaposition between the delicate glass and the ultra-masculine concrete materials makes it a unique work of art, a statement that demands attention. The vase provides an ideal finishing touch for spaces with Scandinavian or minimalist interior design.

Hand and Dish Soap Apothecare style dispensers make a perfect minimalist gift.

This set of glass soap dispensers by ChurchStDesigns ($19+)

These soap dispensers remind me of the vintage bottles often used in apothecary shops way back when. The design has a timeless sensibility and emanates a more luxurious vibe. That’s why I think they are quite charming and will make a great addition to any bathroom or kitchen. It’s the ideal gift for someone who has everything.

This hand-thrown espresso cup by NordicPottery ($26.30)

These handmade espresso cups remind me of Japanese teacups used in traditional tea ceremonies, which is why I get the sense of zen and peace just by looking at them. The speckled brown clay gives these cups a rustic, natural look that adds to the calming vibe. Morning coffee will feel more special when you drink from a cup like this.

I especially appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making products like these. Since they are handmade, each cup is genuinely original, which will make your gift even more memorable.

Minimalist clothes and accessories

Merino Wool felt tote bag for the chic minimalist

This Merino Wool felt tote bag by Woolberrybags ($134.25)

This classic design is perfect for a chic yet comfortable work bag, spacious enough to fit a laptop and personal belongings. This ultra-durable tote bag is a gift that will continue to serve for a long time. The handles are genuine leather, and the natural wool felt materials means that the bag will not fade, deform, or peel over time. It is also waterproof. This is a present that will continue to prove itself useful even after a few years!

Minimalist 14k gold necklace

This gold layered necklace by LindaTuckerJewellry ($35.79)

The right accessories can make any minimalist, everyday outfit look instantly chic. When I found this dainty satellite necklace, I thought it could immediately become a staple in a minimalist’s outfit routine. Although the design is simple, it can add an elegant feel to your presentation. You can choose from options of 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver to complement different skin tones. Check out my other suggestions for minimalist jewelry pieces in my Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands Guide .

Stylish earrings with line drawing faces

These gold face earrings by ArtemisApolloShop ($36)

These gold face earrings surely make a statement. The Picasso-inspired design is bold yet minimalistic, and the intricate details here are worth noting. I love pairing bold earrings with a simple monochromatic outfit, which instantly glams up your look without much effort. This set is an ideal gift for minimalists who are looking to downsize their wardrobe but still want to display their personalities.

Canvas travel makeup bag

This canvas makeup bag by ThingStories ($20.02)

I love having a travel makeup bag in my purse to keep my beauty essentials – from chapsticks to a powder that can keep my makeup fresh throughout the day. This off-white canvas makeup bag is quite roomy, perfect for organizing a purse or travel bag. You’ll never lose a Chapstick again.

I love that the rustic linen material and the herringbone pattern, which feels stylish but still quite practical. This material also makes the bag more durable and sustainable, which is impressive for the price tag. Take a look at my Gender Neutral Skincare Gift Guide for some ideas to go along with this makeup bag.

Dusty rose linen bathrobe

This linen bathrobe by MagicLinen ($120)

One can only find a soft and airy bathrobe like this in a luxury boutique hotel! The soften linen feels almost lavish, and the relaxed, flowy design instantly relaxes you. This is the perfect accessory to start your self-care routine with. As a minimalist gift, it’s a luxury five-star experience wrapped in a box.

Minimalist stationery and organizers

Handmade decorative dishes for your jewelry

This jewelry dish by ConcreteandCopperCo ($14)

Since my KonMari journey of decluttering my home, I’ve always been a fan of home organization products. I think this chic organization dish will be a great help in showcasing the jewelry pieces that spark joy for you. It holds smaller items like your rings, small pieces of jewelry, loose change, or keys. I love that this minimalist, practical design can fit in and spice up any rooms in the home – whether it’s the bathroom, bedside table, or entryway.

White pencil and card holder made out of concrete

This concrete set of desk organizers by CedarandStoneGarden ($21)

This set of handmade desk organizers will keep all your loose stationery and business cards looking clean and organized. I love concrete as a material because it adds an industrial, modern touch to a minimalist space, which both complements and contradicts the small, delicate design of these organizers. They can fit in anywhere and spark joy in even the smallest workspaces. 

Weekly planner made out of kraft paper

This weekly kraft planner by meeknotes ($6)

I love bullet journaling because it helps me KonMari and organizes my life and my work. This lightweight, minimalist kraft paper planner is the perfect tool to help anyone get started in this life-changing process. The kraft paper material is not only environmentally friendly, but rustic feel also adds a bit of zen to one’s chaotic daily routine.

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