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My 2020 New Year’s intentions and resolution

I will likely fail at my New Year’s resolution, but that does not mean I should not make one. As unlikely they are to succeed, the fact that this tradition is still going strong, is a reflection that every year we have hope. We have hope that we can improve and make a positive change in our life! How can I criticize or judge that! Let’s applaud all our New Year’s resolutions and support each other in our never-failing optimism! 

My not so original resolution

My New Year’s resolution: Lose 10 lbs.  I will fail… but settle for 5lb. It’s so original that I want to cry! But in all honestly, it’s a small doable goal that at this point is also very necessary because I Marie Kondo’d all my big pants, and I’m not fitting very well into my current ones.  

Mindful intentions

In addition to this universally common resolution, I have a few intentions for 2020. Habits I sincerely hope I can slowly work towards. Setting intentions is the first step in accomplishing them! 

2020 will be a big a difficult year. My husband and I are working on launching Minori – a clean beauty brand inspired by minimalism. I have a few intentions that hopefully will help me get there while staying sane and healthy:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Eat less carbs 
  3. Watch less Netflix
  4. Cook more at home and reduce spending money on outside food
  5. Gain more confidence at my day job  
  6. Become more organized in bookeeping 
  7. Reduce mindless screen time (stop going on the CNN app to scroll through the headlines without reading anything… a terrible habit)
  8. Continue to be a mindful consumer like I was during my 2019 shopping ban challenge

These are my intentions. The reality is that I’m not very good at implementing such changes in a moderate way. I’m an all or nothing kind of human. Drastic changes work better for me, as I see the result faster, hence stay motivated to keep it up. It’s not a healthy approach and doesn’t lead to keeping the habit up indefinitely. It’s a character flaw, and one I’m working on changing. But for now, I will tackle my intentions one at a time, viciously! 

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