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Minimalist beauty routine

My day to day beauty routine is minimalist and very simple. It got even more simple since I started my 2019 no spending challenge! My rule for the year is to only purchase replacement products. If I finish a moisturizer and have no moisturizers left in my arsenal then I can splurge on a new one. This has forced me to really use the products that I have. I did a full KonMari clean up back in December 2018, so everything that was kept is fair game and should be used up! I am cheating a bit and do receive my monthly ipsy GB+ subscription, courtesy of my employer ipsy. The GB+ box has definitely helped subside the itch to get something new. Even then I try to only open the products that I really need, and keep the rest for my giveaway stash.

My 5 minute morning routine

Skin Prep

My current cleanser is the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser ($21). I had tried a sample at work, and ended up buying a full size through ipsy’s Add Ons for $12. It foams very nicely and it is very gentle.

My next step is the First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothing Priming Moisturizer ($28). I absolutely love this moisturizer because it leaves a pearly glow on my face and definitely works well as a primer. A multi-tasking product is always great for a minimalist beauty routine!

Complexion Steps

Next step is complexion. I don’t always use a concealer. When I do, I use the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in shade Medium. I think Shape Tape has officially maintained #1 position in the concealer game for a while. All my colleagues at ipsy swear by it. I am using up some left over samples I got from work, before making the trek to Ulta.

For almost two years now I have been loyal to the same foundation – Make Up For Ever Water Blend($43). Before my wedding last year, I was obsessed with finding a foundation that did not hide my skin. I have acne scars from pretty bad acne I had in my early twenties. Regardless of my skin’s imperfections, I do not like the full coverage look. My skin is oily and will push heavy foundation off after a few hours, making it look like it’s sitting on top of my pores (yikes!). Make Up For Ever’s Water Blend is super lightweight. It is very liquid, so I pump some into the palm of my hand and immediately apply it with a foundation brush. I absolutely love how my skin looks with it. It becomes smooth, even, but still natural looking. You can still see a few imperfections, but it still does a good job at blurring them out.

In the winter, when I have several dry patches on my skin, this is the only foundation that does not make the dry patches look worse. For those who are a fan of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Oil Free Moisturized, this is a comparable product but even more lightweight. Another added benefit is that this foundation does not make me break out. A bottle lasts me about 6 months, and I do use it every day.

Makeup Essentials

I do my brows with the Benefit Precise My Brow Pencil ($24). I don’t spend too much time on my brows, tops 30 seconds to fill in a few gaps. My shade is 3.75 Warm Medium Brown. It is exactly the same shade as my brow hair. I could have went darker for a more dramatic effect, but given I am to look as natural as possible the 3.75 is perfect.

My current mascara is Ilia’s Limitless Lash Mascara ($28). This is the first natural mascara I have tried and I absolutely love it. It performs on par with my other favorites, and I feel good knowing that I am keeping harmful chemicals away from my eyes. It also washed off much easier than traditional mascaras. I love not needing to use a makeup remover at night, and simply washing my face with my regular cleaner.

When I have a few extra minutes…

If I am not running absolutely late, which is the case most days, I will put some blush, some highlighter and some lip gloss. I normally always carry a gloss in my purse, so I can always do that later in the day too.

Currently I am using a cream blush from Ilia called the Multi Stick ($34). I love cream blushes because of how natural they look. They absorb into my foundation, making it look like one layer of skin. Powder blushes tend to sit on top of the skin, adding a textured look that I hate. A lot of people think that a cream blush will wipe their foundation off. I don’t set my foundation with powder, so I never have that issue. If you are looking for a no makeup makeup look, I highly recommend trying a cream blush.

My go to eyeshadow if I put one on if Tom Fords Cream and Powder Eye Color ($62). My go to shade is Golden Peach. I am obsessed with this eyeshadow because of how easy it is to apply. I don’t do eyeshadow palettes. They give me anxiety! I never know which colors to use, and don’t have time to figure it out in the morning. With a cream eyeshadow, one swipe of your finger and you are done! This particular one is super expensive. I bought it for my wedding, and can’t imagine paying so much for a single pot of eyeshadow again.

I love lip glosses! My current favorites are from Christian Dior, Fenty, Pat McGrath and Becca. I always go for a nude or a mauve shade.

A Minimalist’s Shelfie

Yep…not too impressive and I love it! I am happy that there is room in there and that my products are not double stacked. Even with this pretty serious post Marie Kondo decluttering, I can count 12 products that I don’t use on a daily basis in here. I’ll dive into my favorite skincare products in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

I would love to hear about your minimalist beauty staples! How do you keep your routine simple and quick? Leave me a note in the comments below.

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