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Top Sustainability Bloggers To Follow in 2020

Sustainability doesn’t have to be a perfect, seamless process. Doing what you can to be more eco-friendly for the environment is always encouraged, no matter the capacity. Whether you’re looking to dip your toes into slow fashion brands or learn how to recycle beauty product packaging, we’re here to support! Minori wants to help inspire your conscious living journey with these 13 sustainability bloggers.


Not only does Georgette radiate good vibes, she also preaches good habits! We love her aesthetic and her numerous low-waste DIY projects. Georgette is a plant-based babe, so if you’re looking for vegan inspiration, look no further!


Wendy is the UK-based sustainability blogger behind Moral Fibres and the author of Fresh Clean Home. She insists on sustainability being hip, not hippie, and we are so here for it! Make sure to check out Wendy’s blog. I particularly enjoyed her post on how to make your own safe home cleaning supplies.


Addie is an ultra creative, sustainability influencer! She writes about anything from composting how-tos, to DIY plant stands! Addie makes sure to take ecological practices one step at a time and always keeps things cost-effective. If you are a sustainability blogger yourself, you will find Addies’ blogging tools and rules for being an eco-friendly influencer a helpful reference.


Let’s start off by saying that Clara is an amazing photographer, with a style that feels like the embodiment of the slow living movement. She focuses on clean beauty, always through the lens of sustainability! Clara’s blog, “Glean & Glow” helps us glow from the inside-out and appreciate the beauty of our own skin.


Specializing in sustainable fashion and lifestyle, Jazmine shows us how to live life to the fullest. We’re obsessed with everything about her account from her delicious popsicle recipes to her outfit inspiration! Jazmine also creates content on YouTube where she shares her sustainable outfits, zero-waste hauls, curly hair routine and more!


“More creativity, less consumption” is definitely Alyssa’s vibe! We are obsessed with her planet-friendly outfits along with her slow fashion and sustainable repurposing YouTube channel. Check out her latest video featuring 15 summer outfit ideas WITHOUT JEANS or jean shorts!


Shae is reinventing eco-chic with her new-age sustainable lifestyle blog! Not only is she a mama-to-be, she’s also a sustainability queen! We are absolutely obsessed with her IG feed and think he overall aesthetic is to die for. If conscious living is your thing, Shae Necessities is a must-follow!


With categories ranging from sustainable style to must-read book lists, Katie’s got it all! She brings us sustainability solutions without the overwhelm, and we love her for that. Katie even has a podcast and sustainability workshops available online!


Tiffany is the self-love queen! She’s always keeping us on our toes with mindfulness activities, sustainable living tips, and wellness content. Tiffany is also the founder of Almu, a brand that delivers pre-loved clothing for every occasion.


With Karlie, zero-waste is perfectly imperfect. She stresses the importance of trying your best to do what you can, and we are living for it! Karlie reminds us that thrifting, slow fashion, and recycling is easier than you think!


“Living sustainably doesn’t have to mean moody, beige color palettes and giving up things you love.” Xi (pronounced “Z”), a sustainability blogger from Chicago, helps us find a balance between sustainability and fun with her many tips on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle!


Charlotte (or Cha) is one of our favorite sustainable content creators to follow! With the aesthetic that dreams are made of, Charlotte delivers some major sustainability content! Her blog “Cha Tanguay” specializes in sustainable travel, vegan meals, thrifted fashion looks, and the occasional beauty post. What’s not to love!


Lauren does it all! She’s an author, podcast co-host, blog founder, and student at Columbia University in New York. Her work as a climate justice activist is nothing short of inspiring and we can’t get enough of her content! We especially love Lauren’s IG blog content on @theecogal!

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